a merry worldly christmas

Take away Santa from the North Pole, take Christ out of the manger, take away materialistic commercialization and overindulgence, take away all ritualized observances, even take away family celebrations, and I say you are still left with a certain something that persists. Powerfully so.  What I would call the true Spirit of Christmas.  It doesn’t matter what personal configuration of Christmas you may have created, it can still be a pretty big impressive something.
Why do I think this? Because I think that the real Spirit of Christmas is something you feel. It rolls over all our intellectualisms, passing right through so many of the ordinarily impenetrable rules and regulations we surround ourselves with and lands straight in our hearts. We feel Christmas time.
Through so many thousands of years, so many forms of media, so many types of traditions, so many cultural rituals and billions of prayers, good intentions and actions, we have collectively created this truly magical Holiday Spirit of Christmas.
I celebrate that this year, something the whole world can agree on. I celebrate the notion that humanity all over the world, together over time, has created this magic of Christmas without even consciously trying.
Imagine what we can do when we start creating together on purpose?


Maybe even world peace?


My truest holiday wish.


Happy Holidays.


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