Chile-natural and man-made disasters

In an ideal world….

It all starts there.

In our imaginations of what could be, what should be, operating after a disaster like the earthquake in Chile. Dealing with the realities of what is there, while considering what we ideally would like to be operating there.

Ideally, the media, would assist in bringing the world the true scope of the disaster. No hiding under “official” news stories. The Chilean president told the tsunami alert system to stand down. Where is her culpability? Immediately after Saturday’s 8.8-magnitude quake, President Michelle Bachelet, played down the threat of a tsunami, saying large waves were expected but no tsunami. This is a country where they regularly practice Tsunami alerts, tsunami drills? Who is still listening to this “leader”? Has she any credibility left? Why is she still leading this country? Better question yet, where is she leading it?

Ask the hard questions.

Why did she do that? Why is she still in charge?  Now, this same person, who couldn’t be bothered to alert people after one of the biggest earthquakes in the last century, is now in charge of sending aid?

I think we need some light here.

In an ideal world, natural disasters would not be compounded by man made ones. I say, demand accountability. She had the responsibility and she let those who gave it to her down.

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