911 facts or opinions

The more pictures and facts released about 911 the better. My entire focus on the events of 911 starts with facts and ends with my interpretation of them. Not the other way around. I am not a technician, an engineer, or an expert on anything, except maybe detecting BS when I encounter it. The following are facts. Facts that other people, also simply paying attention, will eventually realize for themselves.

Here is a burning building. The top floors are being damaged by smoke and fire.

In the next picture, the twin towers disappear into a cloud of something.

The “smoke” in this picture is not from some raging fire on the ground. What is it from then? Could the fires in the first picture really turn entire buildings into the clouds of ash and debris in the second picture.

Decide for yourself…trust in your own intelligence. Facts first or interpretations?

The truth will set you free.


A book by Dr Judy Wood, “Where did the Towers Go?” investigates the official conclusion that fires brought down the towers. Naysayers to fire as the primary cause consistently countered with scenarios of controlled demolition. This book looks at the evidence first.


3 thoughts on “911 facts or opinions

  1. My gut reaction watching the 2nd tower fall live on television that day was, “Those bastards!” And that had nothing to do with the guys in the planes. I knew at some deep level, that something was very, very wrong. Now, 9 years later, I know that many things are. I began to find those bastards everywhere I looked; disconcerting to say the least.

    What you do with that knowledge in your own personal life is the most important question raised by 911 in my opinion.


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